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Who we are

Tower Medical Media is a boutique video production company that has been producing award-winning programs for our clients in all areas of CE/CME and medical communications for almost fifteen years.

We film Anywhere

We pride ourselves on making the production process as easy on our clients and their partners as possible. We will travel anywhere, to any location, to accommodate the busy schedules of the people we work with. We have filmed all over the world, and not always where you might expect. From studio productions filmed on a soundstage, to live captures filmed on location, to productions filmed in hotel rooms, offices, and exam rooms, we have you covered.

At Tower Medical Media, we bring the studio wherever you need it to be.

online ce/cme

It's not always easy for someone to get away for four or five days to attend a conference. With Tower's production of enduring continuing education courses, they don't have to. Once we record your live CE or CME event, we can then turn it into a fully interactive online program for anyone who could not be there in person. We can also host it on our delivery platform with a completely customizable user interface, allowing you to get the most out of your live event by making that experience, and those valuable credits, available to anyone and everyone around the world — not just those in the audience. We can livestream your event simultaneously around the globe, as well.


Post production

After we film your program, Tower will supply you with the footage from your shoot, along with a time-stamped transcript for you to edit from. We also have an interactive hosting platform, where anyone on your team can leave comments and instructions for our editors.

No Limits

We know how involved this process can be for program managers, so Tower Medical Media will not limit the amount of approval rounds during the editing process. We also know how time-sensitive these projects can be, so pulling all-nighters and working weekends are commonplace for our team.


During post production, we can develop, and incorporate, any type of animation and motion graphics that you like.

Not video/Not Medical

Production doesn't always have to include a video recording. Many of our projects are audio based, combining captured audio content with slides and motion graphics. We do plenty of podcast and audio book recordings, as well.

Even though our name says "medical media", the scope of our experience goes well beyond programs of that nature. Tower can handle any corporate video production with ease and professionalism.